Thursday, January 5, 2023

Piggy's Revenge 2023

 It's been a strange year,

Hurricane Ian really put a wrench in the works. After the storm, many personal priorities shifted and we had to adapt to new circumstances. I believe our area will feel the impact from the storm for years to come.

The Carlton Reserve was reopened to the public this Tuesday,9 weeks after Ian wreaked havoc on our area. Sitting in the eye wall for 10 hours created epic damage from the high winds. We were told the park would not open until the trails were cleared so for the last two months, SCORR has been putting in long days behind chain saws and lawnmowers. We have been diligently removing deadfall and trees from the path of our trails and some areas had multiple trees down or were so large that we had to reroute the trail. Sadly, some really stately elder oaks got toppled after 100's of years of growth.

After all of that work, we are confident that this years event will be one of our best. The trails are riding really nice and everything is dry and fast. The gravel road had a new layer of gravel last spring so they are much smoother than in the past. Soon I will go out and ride all the courses to make sure all the routes are as good as possible. The final maps will be released the week of the event.

We can't wait to host our fellow riders, nothing will be more rewarding to us than knowing you are all having a great time on our trail network.

LAST DAY to get a t-shirt with your registration is on the 10th of January, go to BikeReg and get signed up for the Piggy's 2023.

See you there,



PS: The sausage and beer will be waiting for you at the finish.