Friday, January 21, 2022



General info regarding next Sunday.

No day of registrations will be considered, the event is at capacity.

Early packet pick up with be Saturday from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at OFF TRAIL Bike and Brew (430 E. Venice Ave, Venice, FL).

Packets will also be available in the parking area on Sunday morning.

All cars must be parked at the assigned parking area starting at 6:00 AM. We must allow other park users the use the regular parking spots. Please fill out the label on the outside of our packet and place the envelope we gave you on your dash label side up. In the event we need to, will be easier for us to determine who has not returned at the end of the day. Make sure you put Eric’s cell number in your phone contacts, so you have it.


  IMPORTANT: wrist bands = food.

The start area and bathrooms are located about a half a mile from the parking lot, right next to the after-party pavilion. We will have a limited amount of coffee and muffins as the sun comes up.

We are doing mass starts again this year. Start times are as following:

60-mile gravel: 7:45 AM

40 mile off road: 8:15 AM

20 mile off road: 9:00 AM

20-mile gravel: 9:15 AM

10-mile ride: 10:00 AM

The event isn’t timed but these start times are designed so that you will be back at the start/finish area in time for the food and beer service that starts at 11:00 and ends at 3:00 PM. Tom’s Oasis sag stop will close at 2:00 PM. If you feel that you might need more time you should consider leaving sooner. Weather and wind can change your plans, don’t underestimate how challenging these routes will be for the average bear.

A GPS file is linked at the end of this. All turns will be signed and marked with painted arrows.

Follow the signs and you will get back. Don’t overthink it follow the path of least resistance.

If you see a fellow rider in trouble, give a helping hand.

Make sure you have the basic tools and supplies to keep moving in case you develop an issue. Don’t forget extra battery power for your devices.   We cannot come and get you; you are on your own, you are on your own, you are on your own. If you need help getting out, I might be able to give you some direction. So call me if you have cell service. Make sure you have a numbered post nearby. All intersections have a numbered post that can be referenced to the maps. The smart bear will have linked or downloaded the property maps before the event or will know how to use the GPS on their phone to determine the easiest way out.  The Carlton basically has two Powerlines, North and South which run East/West. The far western edge is the Myakka River, and the far eastern edge is a fence line/gate way down in Northport. The start area is at the bottom left corner of the property.

The South Powerline is the fastest and shortest way back.

Have fun, look up and enjoy the sights. We love riding the Carlton, it really is good for your soul to be out there.


Piggy’s 60-mile loop preview

Start time will be at 7:45 AM sharp.

First, it’s two different consecutive loops. The first being close to 40 miles and the second around 20.

All turns will be marked with signs and painted arrows. A GPS file is linked here too. Some sections of the south powerline will be crossed several times.

They both start and end at the starting area. Sag stops will be at mile 7.5, 34, 37.5, 53 and 56.1. An unmanned water stop will be at mile 29. At mile 16, the sag stop will be a quarter mile off course.

The first loop starts out with some grassy double track, a small bridge, then three gravel sections with two grassy connectors between them. At mile 9.3 you will take a right onto a grassy connector.

You will cross this intersection 3 times if you do the whole distance. This is the only time that you will take a right turn (mile 9.3). You will be there at mile 36 and mile 53.5 and both times, you will go straight thru. The signs will say 60 EARLY (right turn arrow) and 60 LATE LAP1 LAP2 (straight arrow).

At mile 16 you will leave the gravel section onto the Venice-Arcadia Grade by taking a left. This double track road section will progressively turn into dirt then into a grass and sandy section: the infamous Mile of Hell (it’s not that bad this year). At the top of the grade, you will take a right onto the North Powerline. This year the NPL is mostly grass and dirt, it will favor power riders for the next 4 miles. Some sections can get bumpy due to the pig damage, eventually you will take a right turn into a pine forest at mile 25. These double track roads are deeply rutted due to the amount of traffic last fall during the “search for the killer event”. You will be within a few hundred feet of that gentlemen’s last stand. Around mile 29 you will take a right onto the south powerline, thankfully it has been improved this last year and this is where you will get to recover and make up some time. At mile 34 you will pass Tom’s Oasis sag stop. You are now close to the Start/finish area at mile 37.5.

It you get to the start area after 1:00 pm no second lap for you.

The second loop starts at the same area as the first lap, you will cross the parking lot in less than a mile.

After a gate you will start the hardest part of the ride, the River Trail, it’s 9 miles of bumpy grass, dirt, sand, fire lines and pig damage. You must find the right line, sometimes a few feet to one side or the other will make a big difference. If you are having a bad time just slow down and look up, enjoy one of the most isolated and beautiful areas of the property. Eventually you will be back on friendly gravel for the second half this loop. Don’t forget the sag stop then onto the finish area. Time for a well-deserved beer and homemade brat.



Piggy’s 40-mile Dirt loop preview

Start time at 8:15 AM sharp.

This loop is challenging this year, probably as hard as the 60 miles if not harder. You start out by doing several sections of Boldlygo singletrack trail until mile 6.7 then you are on the Venice Arcadia Grade, a grassy section. You will pass Tom’s Oasis sag stop at mile 7.3 so stop in and say hi to the volunteers.

Don’t linger too long, time to put the power to the pedals! Next is 1.5 miles of gravel followed by 6 hard miles of grass, water crossings, freshly tilled fire lines with soft sand (you must ride the edges of them) and a couple of ditches. There will be an unmanned water stop at the end of it.

Next is 3/4 of a mile of gravel and then all the hard work pays off, you get to ride 7.5 miles of tight singletrack with some of the prettiest riding in this area especially along the Myakkahatchee Creek. As a point of interest, you will be within yards of site of the conclusion of the big news stories that made the Carlton famous from last September.

Now you get to cruise down the smooth gravel of the South Powerline for 6 miles. Stop at the bridge and check out Big Al the resident gator. There’s a water stop at mile 23.4 and then the sag stop for the second time at mile 28.5. Next you will share the last section with the 20-mile riders: the Red Trail followed by the singletrack at mile 30.7 until the finish at mile 36.

Don’t underestimate this ride, we may not have any hills, but we have plenty of other challenging sections to make up for this.  Did I mention the wind?

Congratulations you finished a challenging ride! Now time for a cold beer and a bratwurst.


Piggy’s 20-mile gravel loop preview

Start time will be at 9:15 AM sharp.

The 20-gravel loop shares the first 16 miles with the 60-mile riders. It’s a combination of gravel sections with 4 grassy connectors. The first one at the start then around mile 5 and at mile 9.3. All are around a mile long, time to put the power to the pedals! You will see Tom’s Oasis Sag stop twice, at mile 7 and 17. Stop and say hi to the volunteers and enjoy a refreshment. Important note: that at mile 9.3 and 16.9 you will be at the same intersection; the first time you go RIGHT the second time you go STRAIGHT. The signs will say 20 EARLY (right turn arrow), or 20 LATE (straight arrow). Remember this or you will be going in circles and doing extra miles. We will be waiting for you at the finish with a cold beer and a hot Bratwurst.

Piggy’s 20-mile single track loop preview

Start time will be at 9:00 AM sharp.

Some parts of your route will be shared with the 40’s. After the first mile you will cross a small bridge and a gravel road into an adjacent property where you will ride the South of Border Trail counterclockwise. It’s 5 miles of mostly tight single track with 4 small bridges and a view of a lake. You leave this section through the same gate road and bridge that you came in. Next is Boldlygo until mile 10 then you will cross a weir and go up Venice Arcadia Grade, a grassy double track section. Mile 11 is the legendary Tom’s Oasis sag stop. Time to refuel!

Sorry but you must keep going, next is a short section of gravel on the South Powerline then you will ride down the Red Trail, a grassy trail with a good line to follow. At 13.4 you will jump back onto Boldygo and ride to the finish at mile 18.6. Time for a cold beer and a hot bratwurst.


Piggy’s 10-mile preview

Start time will be 10:00 AM sharp.

This ride will leave the start area and head up to the South Powerline and go to the notorious Tom’s Oasis sag stop 3 miles away. After a brief stop, you will continue to the bridge over Deer Prairie Slough where you will try a spot Big Al the resident gator. Next is the reverse route back to the sag stop and the finish line. The out and back format allows riders to catch up to the group without fear of getting lost. Keep an eye out for wildlife, the Carlton preserve is home to a large population of deer, wild turkeys, and pigs. The gators like to hang out in the water holes along your route and don’t forget all the birds.     

 See you there,

Eric and SCORR

 Map source  look for the Carlton back country , Big Slough Map and Lincer preserve.

20 mile Singletrack loop: 20 mile dirt

40 mile Singletrack loop:40 mile dirt

20 mile gravel:20 mile gravel

60 mile gravel lap 1:60 gravel lap 1

60 mile gravel lap 2:60 Gravel lap 2