Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This years is going to be great!

 The Carlton Reserve is drying out faster than previous years. The last few weeks of windy and dry weather have dramatically changed the property. Most of the roads are dry and SCORR has been able to do their annual trail maintenance earlier than usual.

This year, Piggy's Revenge promises to be a different experience than last year, no more mud or water. New for this year are some brand new single-track sections on the 40 mile loop and the 60 mile gravel/mixed terrain loop will be inside the Carlton. So expect two separate loops without much repetition. We are thinking of bringing the riders back to the start between the two loops. This will give the crowd a chance to see how the race is progressing and the riders can resupply, get psyched up to continue or quit (this is not a easy ride). I know you wouldn't quit in the middle of your ride, but the smell of the fresh homemade brats on the grill and the beer from Fat Point might change your mind.

In preparation for the January event, I have started the sauerkraut making process. Fermentation is involved and takes some time so get just right. The kraut is getting ready are you? Sign up now so you will get a T-shirt reserved in your size. Eric

                                           One of the long gravel sections on the property
                                          Yeah it's bubbly and stinky!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yeah! We will have beer.

We can't thank Fat Point Brewery enough, they will be our sponsors again this year! Piggy's will have a beer tent at the finish line and some of their canned products at the sag stop.

Somehow, off-road riding and beer are a match made in heaven. Not to mention, they go well with hot homemade brats and sauerkraut, add a bun and some mustard and you could ride forever.

The trails are drying up fast thanks to the steady winds and cool weather. Soon we will begin to trim the trails and plan the routes. Get signed up early this year we are setting a limit at 300 riders.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Getting geared up for Piggy's 2017

 The next Piggy's Revenge to be held on January 8th. Last years race was a great time, the overall vibe of the day was so positive and fun that I can't wait to do it again. I am never disappointed by the dirt riding community. When we get together for some riding and hanging out, it is always a fun and rewarding experience. 

Piggy's allows all levels of riders to meet similar types of challenges. We each do the best we can and then we get to compare our experiences over a beer and homemade brat. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. I hope you all have circled your calendar for January 8th.

We are looking into keeping all the loops in the Carlton Reserve, which means the 60 will probably be a double loop with some repeat sections. We are trying to reduce the chances of having stranded riders miles away from the start. Every year we end up having to go and pick up some lost soul late in the day when we are all tired. 

The routes will be just as challenging as the previous years but don't worry, it looks like we might have them all marked reducing the need for GPS tracks.
Some of the other things we are working on include a beer stop at the sag, brand new sections of trail, more sausages and beer at the finish. The timing might end up being set up as a Strava Challenge for the event, maybe with Primes for certain sections; we still have to figure that out.

The trails are drying up slowly but should be in great shape by the day of the event. We have a lot of trail maintenance to do in the next few months, if you want to get involved drop me a line. We can always use more hands.Spending a morning cutting a new section of trail with some liked minded lunatics should be part of your riding calendar. It takes a little muscle work before you can pedal that trail.

So, follow the link and get yourself signed up!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We are going to do it again on January 8th 2017 !

We have started the planning process for the latest edition of Piggy's Revenge.The club (SCORR) is in the process of getting approval to build some new single track.The race course will obviously take advantage of these new gems.So don't expect the same ride as last year, provided we have the time to build the trails.If you might be interested in helping build the new sections keep a eye on the SCORR Riders Facebook page for updates on trail days etc...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Here are the links to the results of Piggy's Revenge 2016

Follow the links to the results.
We did the best we could trying to keep track many muddy numbers and riders.
Have fun looking at then but don't get too serious about it, it was just some fun riding in the mud.

The 20 mile ride


The 40 mile ride


The 60 mile ride.


Friday, January 8, 2016

See you on Sunday morning !

Right now, the forecast is for temperatures in the low 70’s and a 10% chance of rain which sounds like a perfect day. The rain on Friday and Saturday will probably not change the trail conditions very much, if anything it will improve them especially some of the sandier sections on the 60-mile loop.
First if you are driving in with a GPS make sure you are getting off I75 at exit 193 Jacaranda Blvd. Every year some GPS’s send drivers to the end of Laurel Rd on the wrong side of Myakka River. Once on Jacaranda go North to Border Road then take a right (there is a sign for the park at the intersection) go East to the end of Border Road then left in to The T. Mabry Carlton Reserve (1800 Mabry Carlton Pkwy, Venice, FL 34292.
When you get to the park follow the directions from the volunteers to the parking areas, we need to squeeze a lot of cars into two parking areas and along the sides of the gravel road going into the park. Please let us direct you to your designated spot.
This year, the registration and start / finish line will be at the pavilion and not in the parking lot as previous years. The sign up process will start at 7:00AM. There will be separate lines for preregistered and day of registrants. If all goes well, we will have a brief riders meeting shortly after 8:00 am with wave starts after that. 60’s will leave first, then 40’s, 20’s and finally the 10 wilderness ride.
We have a lot of items from our sponsors to give away during the day so hang around after the race and hang onto your race number.
For the 60 miler, you will need to download the GPS file at  https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/11349507  to find your way around since we will only mark the first and last few turns. If you don’t use a GPS plan to follow a rider that does ……YOU WILL GET LOST. Remember you are ON YOU OWN, make sure you are prepared.
The 40 and 20 loops will be marked with signs and painted arrows. Sags stops will be around mile 13 (20 and 40) then at 32 for the 40. The sag stop is 25 miles into the 60 and there is a gas station around mile 42.
Registration ends tonight at midnight.
$40 Sunday morning

See you there


Saturday, January 2, 2016

But what about the 20 and the 40?

The 20 and the 40 share the first 13 miles and the last 6.The start will include a grassy section before you enter Boldlygo. You'll ride the whole trail, the red trail, South Powerline and Venice Acadia grade to the sag stop: Tom and El Jeffe's Cantina. The 20's turn back down the VA grade back to Boldlygo. The 40's ride a loop including:the North, South Powerlines,the mile of hell, the mowed trail along Big Slough and parts of Doe Hammock.The sag a second time (mile 30+) and back onto Boldlygo. The 20 and 40 will be marked with paint and signs.


Links to 20 miler not including the first two miles and a separated rendering of the 40's extra loop.


40 extra loop approximate not accurate: