Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Recon is on!

Hello Oinkers!

The 8th Annual Piggy's Revenge is just around the corner. NOW is the time to sign up so you are not left in the palmetto's. Sign up before December 15th or you will miss out on a cool T shirt and your spot on the trail. We will continue to register until we reach 350 our maximum allowed so there is NO day of registration!

We have been out riding and enjoying the trails in the cool November weather. They are all dry and fast at this time and I am out exploring some new sections looking for the perfect blend. The 20 mile loop will be different this year. It will be almost all single track with only a little bit of double track to connect it all together. The 40 mile loop is in flux right now but should have sections you have never been on before, you will enjoy the new configuration. Some of the old standby sections are in great shape thanks to the work of SCORR members. The 60 mile loop should be the same as previous years but I reserve the right to change my mind. 

Go right now and get yourself registered! 
Oink Oink My Friend.
Remember ?

Riding the fun  Prosper section along Myakkahatchee Creek.
More of the same.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

New T-shirt Design

Hey everybody, how do you like our new Piggy t-shirt design? Get signed up before December 15th to get a shirt in your size. After that, NO shirts will be available but the sign up remains the same price.

We are busy working on cleaning up the trails and deciding on the best possible routes for the 20, 40 & 60.

We are planning a finish line party with sausages, salads and free beer! Where else can you get a fun-filled day riding in the wilderness, an awesome SAG party, a cool t-shirt, food AND beer for $45?

Don't procrastinate, sign up NOW while you are thinking about it. We will cut off registration as soon as we reach 300 riders so clock is a ticking!

Follow this link to register Piggy Registration. Any further questions, you can email me at Scorrider@gmail.com.

OOMF, Eric

Monday, October 7, 2019

Hey Pigsters,

Wow, September is already history! There are only 90 days until the 8th Annual Piggy's Revenge 2020. It is time to sign up, so get your calendars out and updated so you can make sure you get in on this fantastic event. 

We started riding some of the gravel trails that will be part of the 60 mile loop just this past week. The single track is slated to get cleaned up in the next few weeks with weekend trail work days.

Everything is currently dry but very over grown and the county workers are mowing the double track connectors but SCORR will get the single track mowed and trimmed this month.

We have started planning this year's event and we are developing a new trail that will reduce the amount of gravel ridden by the 40 mile riders. The 60 mile route will be similar to the last two years, but the 20 and 40 will be different.

Are you ready for another challenging ride? How about the finish line food and drinks? Don't delay, get your reservation in and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Oink, Eric

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Our 8th edition of Piggy's will be January 5th 2020.

   Piggy's Revenge 2020 will be here before you know it! Will you join us in this great adventure? What will the race day be like this year?

   Last year was wet, due to a crazy amount of rain in December. Out of the 7 previous editions, only two were that wet. The odds are in favor for some great conditions this year. Wet or not, the whole idea is to go out and try and do something extraordinary.

   Piggy's 2019 had a very competitive field for the 60 mile "gravel " ride. The finishers completed the two loops in record times. The 40 stretched the rubber band for many of the riders, the 20 covered a new section of trail and the 10 milers got a taste of the great riding in The Carlton.

   Our sag stop featured a live band and some great refreshments, but the highlight was the finish area.
We had some great homemade bratwurst hot off the grill and beer from Three Bridges Brewing.
Despite some muddy legs, we had a lot of smiles and tall tales.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Piggy's Revenge 2019 info

Here's the scoop about this Sunday's event.

I-75 exit 193 Jacaranda Blvd., go North (away from gas stations) and right on Border Road. Go to the end take a left into T. Mabry Carlton Memorial Reserve at 1800 Mabry Carlton Pkwy, Venice 34292.
Parking open's up at 6:00 am, everybody has to park in the assigned parking area. Restrooms and start area are 0.7 miles from parking.

Saturday, we have a packet pickup from 5:00-8:00 pm at Off The Wagon Brewery and Kitchen at 2107 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice  34293. Great place for a bite and a pint. Sunday morning, we will have coffee and muffins at the start.

The first group to start are the 60's at 7:45 sharp. I will lead them from the pavilion to the start line .5 miles away. The 40's will leave as soon as I get back probably around 8:30. The 20's will probably leave 45  minutes after that. The 10 mile fun ride will leave around the same time. The SAG stop, also known as "Tom's Oasis", will have a live band this year, snacks and plenty of beer and fireball. Make sure to stop but don't stay too long.

THE 80/20 RULE:  80% of the ride is going to be uneventful with great trails and plenty of fast areas.You won't remember any of it. 20% is going to be memorable with water crossings, muddy sections & soft grass. You'll remember them and they will become part of you story. None of these areas are extensive just short sections. Go out there and make some memories but don't wear white socks.

The finish area will feature free beer samples from 3 Bridges Brewing. You better be thirsty we have a lot of it. Homemade Bratwurst, Chicken, bean salad, tabbouleh and pasta salad awaits your arrival.
I have not made new route files this year, the actual routes are still being decided. Everything will be very well marked just follow the signs and don't overthink it.

Remember to be self-reliant, be prepared for mechanical breakdowns, stay fed and hydrated.
You will be in very remote areas with little access and spotty cell service. Your on your own. This needs repeating, your on your own. Help your fellow rider, be smart, have fun experiencing the real Florida, respect the wildlife and don't touch the pig traps.

Approximate SAG stops (TBD):
20 miles around mile 13?
40 miles around mile 12? Water only around mile 30
60 miles around mile 16, water at 30 Sag at 35 (off course .4 miles) or finish area at 40
60 miler is a 40 mile loop taking you back to the start then a 20 mile loop with a cut off at 1:00 pm .
The second loop has a rough 2 miles.

My cell is 941-468-1138. Put my cell in your phones now while you are thinking about it. See you Sunday morning!


PS: Here are the links to last years courses they are about 80% accurate, you'll be off course often but they will get you around just follow the arrows/signs instead of the GPS.

40 miles 2018 or https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26646437
20 mile 2018  or https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26655155
sixty part 1 2018   or https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26658302
sixty part 2 2018  or https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26673297

Monday, December 17, 2018

Don't miss out

You only have 4 days left to sign up and get an AWESOME Piggy's t-shirt, after Thursday this week, no t-shirts will be given out. We will close registration as soon as we get 325 riders or in 19 day's on January 4th. There is NO day of event registration and we have less than 100 spots available.

The trail network is riding quite well.. we have a new route for the 40 and 20 with some new sections of trail that we are excited to showcase. The 60 mile loop will be similar to last year’s event. All the courses are still in flux with decisions still to be finalized as we ride the trails these next few weeks.

All routes will be published as GPS friendly files before the event but if you don’t have a GPS, the loops will be marked clearly with paint and signs. You won’t have to think, you just have to pedal and enjoy the ride.

Get your $40 dollars, follow the link and start planning for a fun day of riding with friends on some of the best mix of trails in this area. It will be a great way to start the year.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Recon rides at the Carlton are on!

   After a month of trail maintenance, we can start focusing on finding the best combination of trails for Piggy's. This involves riding much of the 80 miles of double track on the property and sometimes we get there before the county has had a chance to do their yearly mowing but overall, the trail conditions are much improved this year. Everything is dry, the trails are hard and smooth and the only negative seems to be that the Pigs are in overdrive. There are a lot of them around as well as many deer and turkey's.
   This years event should have some of the best riding in years. We are just about a month away so sign up today at https://www.BikeReg.com/piggys-revenge. Register before December 20th and get a GREAT Piggy's Revenge T-shirt in your size. No sign up on the day of the event. When we reach 325 entrants, registration will be closed no matter what day it is.
"Cow Pig" is back!
Pig wallow of doom.

Freshly mowed trail ready for action.
POLAR  Trail
Venice Arcadia Grade

Top of the Mile of Hell 
North Power-line