Monday, December 17, 2018

Don't miss out

You only have 4 days left to sign up and get an AWESOME Piggy's t-shirt, after Thursday this week, no t-shirts will be given out. We will close registration as soon as we get 325 riders or in 19 day's on January 4th. There is NO day of event registration and we have less than 100 spots available.

The trail network is riding quite well.. we have a new route for the 40 and 20 with some new sections of trail that we are excited to showcase. The 60 mile loop will be similar to last year’s event. All the courses are still in flux with decisions still to be finalized as we ride the trails these next few weeks.

All routes will be published as GPS friendly files before the event but if you don’t have a GPS, the loops will be marked clearly with paint and signs. You won’t have to think, you just have to pedal and enjoy the ride.

Get your $40 dollars, follow the link and start planning for a fun day of riding with friends on some of the best mix of trails in this area. It will be a great way to start the year.