Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January updates

The route has been finalized.I am working on a few loose ends but the main scope of the route has been identified.The directions will be available on paper only .
The format will fit a sandwich size Ziploc baggie.Here is a link to a map holder that would be very helpful:

A cut off will be enforced between the two loops.If you can't get to the check in area by 2:00 pm you will not get the second set of directions.You will have to take a picture at a certain landmark (specified the day of the event)to prove that you did go to the farthest point(phone fine).The start will be right after the riders meeting at 8:00 AM .We will have sign in starting at 7:15 AM.
The start will be at the Carlton reserve:1800 Mabry Carlton Pkwy, Venice, FL 34292-1837.
The only variable now is the weather . the best case scenario is some rain in the day preceding the event.This would create fast trails.
Spread the word .