Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanks for participating

Twenty three riders decided to try their luck at Piggy's Revenge .
I was perfect weather ,the trail were a little dry so the sand became a factor.
Also the Forestry department decided to plow up sections of the trail .
This made the first 8 miles challenging.Only two finished the whole distance .
Steve a Over the hill old fart and Donna Open female .I was very impressed .Congratulations !!The other riders tried their best but Piggy's got the best of them .
Maybe next year......
Eric .

Monday, February 20, 2012

Last minute details

The big event is this Saturday .I just want to give you some helpfull info.
The Exit off 75 is #193 Jacaranda BLvd or Venice-Englewood. As you get off the exit
you want to turn away from the gas stations or North .Follow Jacaranda Blvd to Border road.
Take a right and go to the end of Border Road .There you'll take a left into Carlton Preserve.
Follow the signs to the park entrance.
We will park in the Horse trailer parking .Try and keep the cars close to one side so we don't take too much space away from the horse people.
There are restrooms neaby ,the water there is not the greatest tasting stuff.
Bring some as you'll need a refill.The park has a no glass bottle policy.
The 42 miles loop has water and food available at mile 15.
Next stop is your car .Then the 20 miler doesn't really have anything available .
I might have some water at the start.You are on your own!I will not go out and bail you out.
So bring anything you might need to get out of trouble (tubes,pump tools etc..).
Some parts of the trail are very remote.Help one another if needed .
At the finish I will have homemade Piggy's Revenge Sausage on the grill
and some fixin's.
Maybe a cold one or two.
There are some hotels at exit #193, #205 I think the cheapest is probably the Motel 6 in
Venice Florida on hwy 41.I will be at the start at 700 am ,sign in at 715 am
a rider meeting will be at 800 am then we start the 62 miler .
The start for the 20 will follow.
OH did I forget ?We also have a theme song thanks to Tom.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting close !! Trails to be marked!!

After some debate, I've decided that I will mark the whole loop (I know what I will be doing on Friday the 24th ). Riders will have a directional marker at the intersections, a set of paper directions and most likely a map. This magical combination should keep most of you on track, although there is always that direction challenged rider. Remember you are on your own and responsible for your own hide. I will not be out there looking for you. The trails are getting a little dry but rain is in the forecast and more rain = better trails. The pigs are as active as ever and you will get to meet some of them on the ride. I am thinking of making some homemade Piggy's Revenge sausage for the finishers. If you are thinking of participating, send me an e-mail so I can plan this better. Right now the head count is approaching 30. I am not counting all of you that mentioned to me personally that you were coming. A lot of wildlife, some very remote areas, meat in tube form and a bunch of like minded people. It's going to be GREAT fun and hard to beat.