Saturday, February 27, 2021

Read this before tomorrow morning! Especially the part about your course.

 First, thank you for supporting SCORR (Sarasota County Off Road Riders) your local nonprofit dedicated to improving the Off-Road cycling experience in this area. All the funds will be used for that purpose. This email will replace the customary riders meeting.


Sarasota County has allowed us to have our event this year if we implemented a COVID protocol.

• All Participants are healthy and without CDC identified symptoms in the last 14 days.
• The participants should avoid large groups, stay at 6’ from riders not in their household.
• No spectators, family, friends, or others, who are not registered participants are allowed in the start /finish area.
• All food items and drinks will be single serve or individually wrapped.
• Volunteers will serve you in masks and gloves.
• We are encouraging the use of facemasks by participants and volunteers in the finish/start area or when social distancing cannot occur.
• Riders will be asked to maintain safe social distancing with other, we are advising everyone to check their temperature and keep in mind any symptoms. If you are symptomatic, you should stay home. In addition, we are asking everyone to cover their mouth for any cough or sneeze and again to stay home if there is any feeling of sickness.


For your own safety, everyone must park at the designated parking area near the Park entrance. Please fill out the label on the back of your packet and place it on the dashboard, information up. The only way for us to know that you are back safe and sound is to verify that all the cars are gone at the end of the day. The start finish area and restrooms are 1 mile away.

The Parking lot will open at 6:30am. As you drive in, we will check you in and give you a swag bag.  The wrist band will be necessary to get the food (homemade brat, grilled chicken thigh or veggie burger) and free beer.

Yes, the beer is free, but we will have a donation jar to defray the cost.

It's Going to be hot tomorrow, plan your water and nutrition carefully.

There are no mass starts just assigned start time windows. Keep in mind, food service starts at 11 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Make sure to leave early enough so you will get back in time to enjoy the food and drink.

All routes are marked with painted arrows and signs with flags. Do not over think it, follow the arrows.

The GPS file might be off in places. Just follow the arrows and signs. If you happen to find yourself in an intersection with no arrows or signs, you are off course, go back to the last know sign, give yourself a dope slap and go the right way. Worst case scenarioopen your map app on your phone and figure out where you are.

This last year has seen a marked increase in the number of visitors to the Carlton, remember to be a good cycling ambassador and yield to other users, you represent all of us. Be self-reliant. Remember you are on your own, you are on your own. We will not come out and pick up your unprepared ass. Help a fellow rider in need.

Next are insights for each specific course.

20-mile Single-track course.

            Start Time 8:30-9:00 AM. 

             Start/Finish line toward yellow gate from Pavilion.

             SAG stop at mile 11. 

20-mile Gravel course.

          Start time 8:30-9:00AM.

          Start line south of Pavilion.

          Sag stops at mile 7.4 (might not be open yet) and 17 same stops twice. You will follow signs  (20 Gravel Early) up to second stop then follow signs  (20 Gravel late) after second sag stop. You are sharing the first 17 miles with the 60 riders so you will have combined signs (20 60 gravel Early).

You will pass the intersection at Marker 9 twice. The first time is a right turn (20 gravel early) after the SAG the second time you go straight through it (20-mile gravel late).

40-mile Single-track course.

          Start time 800-830 AM.

          Start /Finish line toward yellow gate from Pavilion.

           Sag stops at miles 8.5 and 28. Unmanned water stop at miles 14.5 and 23. Same ones visited twice. You will share some parts at the beginning with the 20 riders and ride the same ending after the Second Sag stop. So, some of the signs are combined. 

60-mile Gravel course.

      Start time 7:30-8:30.

      Start line south of Pavilion.

      Two separate loop that take you back to Start/ Finish area. There is a cut off for the second loop at 1:00PM.

       First loop Sag at 7.4 miles (might not be open if you are early) and 34.5 miles. Unmanned water stop at mile 29. The second loop starts at start/finish area and goes through the parking area shortly after.

       Second loop Sag at mile 15.5.

     This course loops over itself several times so you will go through some intersections several times. Pay attention to the signs or you will ride a lot of extra miles or a lot less miles. Look at the GPS file to familiarize yourself with the flow.

You will pass the intersection at Marker #9 three times. First time is a right (20 60 gravel early). The second and third time is straight through. (60 gravel late) and (60 lap 2).

You will see the intersection at Marker #32 twice. First is a left (60 lap1) then a right on the second lap (60 Lap2). 

The North Powerline is only flagged at the beginning and end . You will have several miles with no markings.

The Intersection at Marker #1 is a left near the start (20 60 gravel early) and a right for the second lap (60 lap2).


Above all have fun and be safe.


My cell # is 941 468 , put my number in your phone.



You’re on your own.

You’re on your own.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Here are the GPS files .

Only 6 days till the start.

We have spent a lot of time cleaning up the trails and scouting the best routes. This year has a lot of really good sections. These are the best trail conditions we have seen in years.The weather will be perfect, the brats hot and the beer will be cold. 

Only 5 days  until registration closes, so sign up now.

sign up here

The 10 Mile ride will determine the route at the event.

First of all, the routes are very well marked with painted arrows and signs. YOU DON"T NEED A GPS to find your way around. 

    The  20 Mile Singletrack loop will see the SAG STOP at mile 11.

                                 20 Mile singletrack route

   The 40 Mile Singletrack loop will see the SAG STOP at miles  8.5 and 28.

You will see the same
unmaned water stop at miles 14.5 and 23.

                                  40 Mile singletrack route

   The 20 Mile Gravel ride will see the SAG STOP at miles 7.4 and 17. The first 16 miles are shared with the 60 riders.

                                20 Mile Gravel route

   The 60 Mile Gravel ride has two loops, first you will do a 40 Mile loop that will take you back to the start followed by a 20 Mile section. There is a cutoff ,you will not be able to start the second part after 1 PM. 

 The first course will see the SAG STOP at miles 7.4 and 34.5. There is a unmaned water stop at mile 29.

                                 60 Mile Gravel route Part 1

The second part of the 60 will see the SAG STOP at mile 15.5

                                 60 Mile Gravel route part 2

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Only 9 days to the start of the 2021 Piggy’s Revenge.


Remember, this is an endurance challenge, and you will be challenged. Unlike the previous years, the weather will be pristine with 65-85 degrees and 10% chance of rain. The trails are dry, and our volunteers have been working hard to make them near perfect.
Do not forget that you must be self-reliant; you will be on your own. Have everything you might need to get yourself back to the start area. We will not go out and bring you home.

I will post the routes in the next few days, however, some areas are still influx at this time. Sorry no mass starts this year, but you will be required to leave within a window of time. If you plan on “racing” a specific distance, be there at the beginning of your start time so you can leave with like-minded people.
       60’s and 40’s must leave between 8:00AM and 8:30 AM.
·         20’s gravel and single-track must leave between 8:30AM and 9:00 AM.
·         10’s will leave after 9:00 AM and the ride leaders will determine the loop.

20 and 40 single track courses will be like last year and should be fast rolling. The 40 will cross some challenging sections that should put the hurt on you. The 20 and 60 gravel loops share the first 16 miles up to the sag stop. Then the 60’s will leave into the far reaches of the property. On the good side a large section of the South Powerline has been improved and rides smooth. Naturally, both will feature a mix of gravel, grass, dirt, and a tiny bit of asphalt. No single track this year. You will get to use your gravel bikes versatility to the max.

The finish line will have what you need after hours of suffering: beers and brats.

We will not have a package pickup the evening prior and instead will hand you your packet as you arrive that morning. We ask that you fill out the label on the cover of the packet and place it on your dash with the label facing upward. In the event we have a car left in the parking lot, we need to know who it belongs to.