Thursday, July 11, 2019

Our 8th edition of Piggy's will be January 5th 2020.

   Piggy's Revenge 2020 will be here before you know it! Will you join us in this great adventure? What will the race day be like this year?

   Last year was wet, due to a crazy amount of rain in December. Out of the 7 previous editions, only two were that wet. The odds are in favor for some great conditions this year. Wet or not, the whole idea is to go out and try and do something extraordinary.

   Piggy's 2019 had a very competitive field for the 60 mile "gravel " ride. The finishers completed the two loops in record times. The 40 stretched the rubber band for many of the riders, the 20 covered a new section of trail and the 10 milers got a taste of the great riding in The Carlton.

   Our sag stop featured a live band and some great refreshments, but the highlight was the finish area.
We had some great homemade bratwurst hot off the grill and beer from Three Bridges Brewing.
Despite some muddy legs, we had a lot of smiles and tall tales.