Saturday, December 30, 2017

Part one of the 60 mile ride: the first 40 miles

Today with the help of Uncle Tony, I got a clean GPS track of the first part of the 60 mile gravel/mixed terrain loop that winds its way around the Carlton Reserve-connecting the best gravel segments available. The start will follow a half mile of neutral riding, where I will be leading out the group to the start line. The route begins with 5 miles of gravel followed by a short grassy segment then onto the South Powerline, a very short paved section along the water plant and Wellfield Road. Around mile 16 you will see the sag stop, and after a brief respite at the Oasis you will ride the Venice Arcadia grade and then the North Powerline. Be warned, this last section has been recently mowed and the heavy grass clippings will make it feel like you are riding a false flat. Next, a little single track we call POLAR through the woods, which will get you out of the wind and sun but also show you the pig damage first hand. Then onto another grassy segment along Big Slough, a very pretty area of the property - I recommend stopping on the banks of the waterway and taking a minute to enjoy this piece of Florida at it's best. Then an immediate right turn will take you into the Pine flat woods for another grassy segment that will take you back to the South Powerline. You will pass an unmanned water station right before reaching it. The edges of the Souh Powerline are home to many alligators who like to sun themselves on chilly days, and while they can be close to the road  just go around them, as they are very lethargic when cold. Keep an eye out  as you cross the concrete bridge, for the very large gator "Big Al" who is usually found on the right side. After this, you are now close to the Finish-Start area. And a small segment of both the Orange and Red trails will bring you back. Keep in mind! You will have to reach this point before the 2 PM cut off, and if not, then this is the end of the road for you, as you will not be able to finish the next 20 miles before dark. Stay posted for the second segment soon!
links to GPS files:On strava  On RidewithGPS   .


The start area,ahead 5 miles of gravel.

The South Powerline
Some fast grass
Venice Arcadia Grade
North Powerline
POLAR Single track 

Keep a eye out ,they are everywhere

Pine Flatwoods

My rig today.I'm  running 35 MM tubeless tires with 35 PSI.

Friday, December 29, 2017

The 20 mile loop for Piggy's Revenge 2018.Only 11 spots left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I finalized the 20 mile loop, it follows the footsteps of the 40 for the first 13 miles after you get to the sag stop (if you ever leave it). You will turn around and retrace your steps for a short while then you will ride the south end of the Venice Arcadia Grade double track road through the flat woods and eventually back on the Orange Trail and the Red Trail to the finish. You will ride a good mix of groomed single track trails and some back country riding.

Here are links to the routes for you GPS freaks. Remember all the trails will be marked with paint and signs but having a GPS back up on you phone or device is a good idea.


Riding the South Powerline
Single track is looking good!

What? More groomed trails?
Almost home.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The 40 mile loop preview, only 10 days to the start and 30 open spots left

After having planned the loop both digitally and in my mind, I set off today to confirm the actual route in the dirt.We have 39 miles with a good mix of  groomed single track, technical single track sections, long grassy sections through a pine forest, gravel roads and tight twisty trails that have been chewed up by the pigs.
At the start you will do a 3 mile loop designed to spread out the riders before you dive into the 10 miles of Boldlygo single track trail, then you will stop at the sag stop at mile 13.5.  What happens at the sag stop, stays at the sag stop!!!. Make sure your fluids are topped off before you head down the gravel on the Venice Arcadia grade to the Mile of Hell (which is actually pretty tame this year), then a right on North Powerline, its just been mowed so the cut grass is thick on the road. After mile 23, you will venture into the POLAR trail, a tight twisty single track that has a lot of pig activity (the revenge part). Around mile 25 you start riding onto Live long and Prosper along the very scenic Big Slough. This trail is our favorite trail, as it combines a lot of flow with some challenging sections that you might have to walk. Keep your eyes open for baby alligators, fish, the skunk-ape and lots of birds. After this section, a left turn takes you on a double track section through the pine forest. At the end of it we will have a unmanned water stop around mile 30 (we wont be there to resupply the water if it runs out) And on your return is a ride on the South Powerline back to the Orange trail and the red trail.

Keep in mind:
You will have to plan for almost 25 miles without support after you leave the sag stop at mile 13, and on the return leg at mile 35 you will have the choice of taking a small detour back to the sag or just riding  the next 4 miles to the finish line.
It will be a challenging ride that could last 5-6 hours for the slower riders  and there are no real bail out options to speak of.
Here is the link to the route:Piggy's 40 2018 on ridewithgps or  or also on Strava
Mile 5 Boldlygo actually the Sugar on the Rim Section.

More Boldlygo

Mile 10 The Pines 

Mile 15 Venice Arcadia Grade

Mile 20 North Powerline

Pigged up Single track at POLAR

Mile 25 Live long along Big Slough

Mile 30 South Powerline

Mile 35 Go right to the sag stop or power on to the finish?
Here is the link to the route:Piggy's 40 2018

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Get signed up before the 20 Th and get a T shirt.


Get signed up before the 20th of December and we will order a T-shirt in your size. You will still be able to sign up until the 6th for the same fee (no shirt) and we are capping the participants at 300 this year. So don't delay! NO RACE DAY SIGN UPS!!!!

Last weekend, I ventured out in the rain exploring the remote parts of the 60 and 40 mile loops. The course is slowly taking shape and the mowing is getting done but some areas are still wet. We have a little less than a month for things to get mowed and dried out. These are pictures are from that wet ride, you can get a feel for some of terrain you will be riding on during the 60 and 40 mile loops.

The 60 will be a mix of gravel, grass, dirt and a tiny bit of asphalt. The 60, like last year, is a combo of a 40 mile loop followed by a 20 mile loop. You will go thru the finish area after the first 40 miles. You must be there before 2:00 pm in order to continue on to the second section.  The 40 mile loop will have almost 50% single track riding and the rest will be double track with dirt, gravel and grass.
The 20 is mostly single track some double track in the mix.

I am still working on finalizing the actual courses, it is a work in progress. I will post the GPS track here as soon as I get them figured out.

 These picture offer an overview of the 60 Mile ride.
60 Early gravel

60 Faster gravel section

60 The gate to the mile of HELL

60 Grassy section, note the deer!

60 A little single track 

60 Gravel & grassy straightaway
60: Second loop grass
60: Second loop shady section

40 Nice trail along Big Slough