Monday, January 16, 2023

Latest update for 2023

 SCORR volunteers have been working really hard at removing hurricane-damaged trees from the trails  We spent 7 hours working on 2 miles yesterday. We will be ready for the 29th.

I did manage to get a ride in this weekend. The single rack sections are pristine, thanks to all the hard work of our volunteers. I will not finalize the actual loops until after I check out several of the sections farthest away from the start area. The 20 gravel loop might end up being 22 miles, and the 40-mile Singletrack loop probably will be a couple of miles longer this year. No worries it will be a perfect day, the weather is predicted to start in the 60s and warm up into the 70s. This will be great weather for some off-road adventures.  Here are some pictures from my last ride.

The single track is riding great.

You will cross this bridge on the gravel loops

This gravel section looking good.

Grassy Connectors are hard and fast, just stay away from the fire lines

He's watching you 

Another trail monitor.