Monday, December 22, 2014

Piggy's 60 mile route for 2015

   Last week-end, the entire loop of Piggy’s Revenge 60 was ridden. Here is the news: First it’s 55 miles long, you won’t complain about that at the finish and you’ll be happy to have finished the entire course. The rainy season extended late into fall this year, which have caused a few issues. Many areas are still underwater and the land managers are behind on the mowing. I had to change the route to avoid the worst areas. This is how we ended up with 55 miles instead of 62.
   The course will be a challenging mix of terrain. Gravel, hard packed double track and a 6 mile road section make up most of the loop, but thrown into the mix are some sand, water crossings and muddy/flooded areas. Let’s not forget the big unknown Pig damage. It tends to be clustered in a few spots. Dry weather over the next few weeks might allow wet and muddy areas to get better by race day. If you are planning on riding a cross bike you will have an advantage in many of the areas but you will suffer in a few spots. I wouldn’t use anything less then 38’s and run a lower air pressure. If you are going to use a mountain bike the long straightaways and the road section will not be your favorite. You both will hate the sand and Pig damaged areas. The hard stuff is in the first 40 miles except for a section between mile 50 and 51.
   We will have a SAG stop around mile 21 and you will pass a gas station at mile 40.
I will post the GPX file in the next few days, you’ll be able to download it and study the route. I might mark some of the more important turns before race day but don’t count on it. Your GPS will be your main guide.
   Attached is a link to the course preview and you might be able to use this if you use Garmin products. There will be bail out point at mile 22 and 34. We will reward you at the finish line with homemade grilled sausages and all the trimmings.
If you are planning on riding the 20 or 40 mile routes, they will be marked and all you have to do is follow the arrows. The Sag stops will be around 12 and 30 miles. Those loops include the Boldlygo Singletrack.

Last day to register online is December 28th and you are guaranteed a T-shirt. Day of registration will be $40 and the T-shirts are first come first serve until we run out.

Piggy’s Revenge  60 miler for 2015 :