Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Piggy's Revenge is less than 2 months away!

Sign up early to avoid being left out. The land managers have limited the number of riders to 300, so we will close registration when we reach the limit. There will be no day of registration, sorry,  you must pre-register.

Due to our order being in on time, the last day to get a free t-shirt with your registration is December 20th.

The SCORR volunteers have been hard at work clearing the trails and getting them in prime condition for Piggy's Revenge. I am proud to say that the single track has been cleaned up and is riding exceptionally well. The trails seem to get better and better every year so get out there and enjoy the ride.

As usual, getting to see the wildlife is one of the great things about riding in the Carlton Reserve. Lately, we have seen a lot of turkey's, deer, alligators and pig's in the park.

We are out there riding all the trails and evaluating them so we can decide which ones will be included in the final routes of the 10, 20, 40 & 60 mile courses.

Now is the time to get excited and make your plans to attend the 7th Annual Piggy's Revenge off-road challenge.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Our Beer Sponsor this year is......

3 Bridges Brewing will be providing the cold beverages at the finish line. We are happy that this local favorite will be our beer sponsor this year. Nothing is better than a cold beer after a challenging ride in the woods. Sign up today for your free beer and bike ride at
Get $40 then choose your distance 10,20,40 or 60, your T-Shirt size.
See you at the finish line. "PROST"

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pictures of all the rabbits from Piggy's Revenge 2018.

 As I was cleaning up my phone memory banks, I came up on these pictures. The starters and trophy winners from last years event. Sorry about the delay. SCORR is gearing up for another great Piggy's Revenge on January 6th 2019. Registration is open, follow the link on the side bar. We are waiting as usual for the trails to dry up so our recon rides can start. See you there.

Getting ready for the start!

Looks like we had a cool start!

Next  group at the start line

YOU get a trophy

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

And you get a trophy!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Piggy’s Revenge 2018 Game Plan

 First, look up once and a while and enjoy where you are. In today’s world, we are rarely alone with nature, you will be away from it all on this ride. Remember you are on your own, you are on your own, you are on your own, be self-reliant, be prepared.
Make sure your ride is in good condition, you have enough fuel/liquids and spare parts to get you to the finish line. Don’t mess with the Pig Traps, don’t mess with the critters. You are guest in their house be respectful. Help a fellow rider in need, it’s not a contest.
Download the course map to your phone and or GPS. The routes will be marked with painted arrows and signs (see picture) we also placed “comfort arrows” for the worriers in the bunch. There are several long straight sections, especially along the powerlines, stay on them till you see a sign.
Don’t overthink the course, there are no trick turns or un-mowed hike a bike. Follow the path of least resistance and the tire tracks in front of you. If by the very unlikely chance you get to a MAJOR CROSSROAD and there are no signs or arrows, you are off course. Go back to the last sign and change your direction. Unfortunately, the county has tilled some sections of the 60-mile course in the last few days. You will have to ride the edges or muscle your way through the soft stuff, if you can get a wider tire under you before the start do so. Or let the fast riders burn it in and ride their tracks.
Shortly after 6:00 AM we will start parking cars. The park officially opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM.

The planned start times are: 
60’s leave at 8:00 AM
40’s will go at 8:30 AM 
20’s will go at 9:00 AM
10’s will leave at 9:15 AM

 T. Mabry Carlton Reserve  
1800 Mabry Carlton Parkway, Venice FL 34292.
Take I-75 to exit 193 the Jacaranda exit. Go north on Jacaranda (away from the gas stations), take a right on Border Road. Stay on Border road till you see the sign for the Carlton, (blinking stop sign at the end of road) take a left onto the Mabry Carlton Parkway and you will see the parking area on your immediate right. Some GPS’s will send you to the wrong side of the river so make sure you are on Border Road.

Parking will be near the entrance of the park this year, where we will have a sign in station for the package pickups on site. To avoid the lines, you can pick up your stuff on SATURDAY at the Tap and Cork Pub after 5:00 pm at 101 West Venice Avenue #16, Venice FL 34285. The corner of Hwy 41 and Miami Avenue.

The Start/Finish is at the Pavilion in the park, about ½ mile from the parking area. Please only park in the designated areas as per the directives from the Property Managers.

Sags stops will be as follows:
20 miles loop at mile 13.
40 miles loop at mile 13, water only at 30, sag at 35.
60 miles loop at mile 16 and water only at mile 30 sag at mile 35, finish line at 40, parking lot at mile 42 and sag at mile 55.

At the finish we will have plenty of beer and bratwurst waiting for you. Have a blast! I hope you enjoy our trail system as much as we do, when you return next year you will get to enjoy all the hard work SCORR will have done thanks to your support.

See you Sunday!

Zoom in and see the painted arrow and the signs we will use.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The last route, the second loop of the 60 for 2018

Get out your long underwear.

After the morning rain, John and I mapped the last loop. This loop will challenge the tired legs of the riders. The trail does get bumpy in places but as the miles add up the riding gets easier. You will pass the sag stop with 5 miles to go. Between now and Sunday the volunteers will mark every turn and crossroad of the 4 loops, it will be very easy to follow the courses.

Looks like it will be cool at the start but it should warm up nicely. Plan for 40's at the start and highs in the 60's at the finish. Today was very windy coming out of the north. If this holds, you will experience head winds at the end of your rides. Sunday, we will open the parking area around 6:30-7:00 AM . The parking area is a mile away from the start/finish area. The 60's will start at 8:00 AM , the 40"s shortly after and then the 20's a half hour later . The 10 mile ride will leave around 9:00 AM with food service starting at 11:00 AM. The park does close at sunset.

See you all there Sunday!!!!.

On Strava 60 part two
On RWGPS 60 part2