Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This years is going to be great!

 The Carlton Reserve is drying out faster than previous years. The last few weeks of windy and dry weather have dramatically changed the property. Most of the roads are dry and SCORR has been able to do their annual trail maintenance earlier than usual.

This year, Piggy's Revenge promises to be a different experience than last year, no more mud or water. New for this year are some brand new single-track sections on the 40 mile loop and the 60 mile gravel/mixed terrain loop will be inside the Carlton. So expect two separate loops without much repetition. We are thinking of bringing the riders back to the start between the two loops. This will give the crowd a chance to see how the race is progressing and the riders can resupply, get psyched up to continue or quit (this is not a easy ride). I know you wouldn't quit in the middle of your ride, but the smell of the fresh homemade brats on the grill and the beer from Fat Point might change your mind.

In preparation for the January event, I have started the sauerkraut making process. Fermentation is involved and takes some time so get just right. The kraut is getting ready are you? Sign up now so you will get a T-shirt reserved in your size. Eric

                                           One of the long gravel sections on the property
                                          Yeah it's bubbly and stinky!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yeah! We will have beer.

We can't thank Fat Point Brewery enough, they will be our sponsors again this year! Piggy's will have a beer tent at the finish line and some of their canned products at the sag stop.

Somehow, off-road riding and beer are a match made in heaven. Not to mention, they go well with hot homemade brats and sauerkraut, add a bun and some mustard and you could ride forever.

The trails are drying up fast thanks to the steady winds and cool weather. Soon we will begin to trim the trails and plan the routes. Get signed up early this year we are setting a limit at 300 riders.