Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Things are shaping up

Finally, the trails are drying up and we are able to ride without our waders on. Preparations are under way for what should be the best edition of Piggy's Revenge with courses as challenging as usual. 

This last year we added several miles of new single track, helping to make the 20 and 40 more challenging and we will be closer to 60 miles on the long one. It will be hard and it will test you in may ways, but expect some humid areas nothing above the top tubes! If you are riding a cross bike, use the widest tire you can fit in your frame but if you are riding a mountain bike, remember there is a road section. The best time have been posted on cyclocross bikes but you pay the price with more abuse to your body and mind. This year we will time you. Get signed up now to experience one of Florida's best wild rides.