Thursday, December 24, 2015

You can still preregister till January 8th but....

The T-shirts are ordered, any new registration might get a shirt but sizes and quantities will be limited. The trails are shaping up and right now the conditions are ideal.We will have more riders this year than any previous event, so more prizes and rewards for the finishers with coffee from Venetian Coffee Roasters at the start. Music, homemade bratwurst, beer from Fat Point Brewery will await you at the finish line and we will attempt to track your times. The sag stop, better known as Tom and El Jefe's Oasis Cantina, will have some surprises. It's gonna be a PIGTACULAR DAY!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Registration Ends Tomorrow!

After a lot of rain on Friday, we did some exploring for the 60 and we soon realized that all the new water is still trying to decide where to go. The upper picture is a nice section with a little pig damage but still nice to ride. The next photo was a real challenge to ride with the far right side newly plowed and is mostly soft wet sand. The usual trail is under water leaving you to ride on the mowed but lumpy sides. If it stays dry and windy, this should be a pretty fast section but anymore rain would mean more pain.

Race day is going to be great so get signed up for an experience you will talk about for years to come. We'll have hot coffee from Venetian Roasters at the start and a beer from Fat Point Brewery and a homemade bratwurst on the grill waiting for you at the finish. Also many awards will be given for your efforts from several of our great sponsors.

Sign up before midnight on Monday, December 21st to guarantee getting an awesome Piggy T and the lower rate. Day of sign up is $40.00 and no guaranteed t-shirt.

See you in three weeks! Oink, Eric

Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's getting close!

Some pictures from the latest reconnaissance ride.The trails and roads are getting dry, the race will be challenging in spots. Overall this year is going to be epic!
I will be just the right mix of suffering followed by less suffering then a little more suffering followed by a little less suffering.You get the idea. Sign up today for a ride you won't forget.
mile of hell 
great place for a break
Grassy section 
Gravel road

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Things are shaping up

Finally, the trails are drying up and we are able to ride without our waders on. Preparations are under way for what should be the best edition of Piggy's Revenge with courses as challenging as usual. 

This last year we added several miles of new single track, helping to make the 20 and 40 more challenging and we will be closer to 60 miles on the long one. It will be hard and it will test you in may ways, but expect some humid areas nothing above the top tubes! If you are riding a cross bike, use the widest tire you can fit in your frame but if you are riding a mountain bike, remember there is a road section. The best time have been posted on cyclocross bikes but you pay the price with more abuse to your body and mind. This year we will time you. Get signed up now to experience one of Florida's best wild rides. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fat Point Brewing is going to be there too.

Attention Revengers,

Fat Point Brewing will be at the finish line this year. Nothing is better after a long ride in the woods than a cold beer and a grilled Bratwurst. Yeah the homemade sausages are going to be there too. We are looking at better timing so you will know how you placed in your race category and a DJ is going to spin some tunes.

As of right now, the trails are still flooded but the weather is improving and we are planning our reconnaissance rides in the near future. This years' Piggy's will be a challenging ride as usual, but the festivities at the finish will erase all the pain quickly.

Sign up now so you will be sure to get a newly designed Piggy t-shirt at the finish.

OINK! Eric

Thursday, September 10, 2015

New developments!

First things first, here is our new logo! Second, we are working on getting a local brewery to be present at the finish line. Third, we will have limited overnight camping sites available on the property.You will have to let me know if you are interested and I will get you in touch with the right person to reserve your site.

Everything is under water at this time of year, I am going to try and start some reconnaissance riding as soon as the daily rains stop. I expect the courses to be similar to last years, We have extended the single track trail by 2 miles and we built a bridge over one of the water crossings. We are also looking in to adding timing to the race and marking the route with more signs and paint. Overall, it should be a another great day in the wilderness.

Registration is open so start making your plans to ride the PIG!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New for this year:The Pigglet Ride

A 10 mile loop consisting of double track riding.It will be a great introduction to the wilderness at the Carlton Reserve.It will be marked and will be a perfect for way for beginners,significant others or youngsters to participate in our event.
Bring a friend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yeah I'm slow!

Where did the time fly?
Piggy's Revenge 2015 was a success, we had a big crowd and lot's of fun.
I want to thank all the enthusiast that participated this year, we are amazed how much better the Offroad scene has gotten in such a short time.Our area went from no trails to several options in just 3 years.Piggy's Revenge is one of the cornerstones of our success.
The race this year exceeded our expectations, many riders were challenged in the 3 distances.
My favorite, the 60 mile loop was again crushed by the Gainsville Boys, the cross bikes will allow you to go faster but the punishment level is high. The combination of 60 miles of gravel, grass,asphalt,mud and sand is tough to overcome and even harder to do at race speed. Next year should be just as challenging.The 40 and 20 milers got to ride the Boldlygo single track twice, the 40's got to experience some tough back country riding as many underestimated the difficulty of that section. As always the volunteers made the event a success.
The next rendition of Piggy's Revenge will be better than the last,we are going improve all that we can.The loops will be challenging as usual, the sausages will be hot and the beer cold.
Join us on January 10th 2016.It should be another great day to be on a bike.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The countdown begins!

IT'S PIGGY TIME, are you ready?

The weather looks like it will cooperate this week-end with highs in the low 70's and a 10% chance of rain.Those are near perfect conditions for our fourth version of Piggy's Revenge.

You can register the day of at $40.00 as soon as we can get into the park and get organized. The gates open at 7:00 AM. The pre-registered will have to sign in and pick up their T-shirt, but those that are signing up on Sunday will have to wait till after their ride to see if we have any leftover shirts available.

The trail head parking lot has limited spaces available, the overflow will have to park on the shoulder of the access road and the road leading to the horse trailer parking lot. We cannot park in the Horse lot since they need room to move their trailers around and avoid blocking the roads as much as possible. If a horse trailer decides to show up on Sunday we don't want them to clip any cars.

There will be a short riders meeting around 8:00 AM right before the start. The 60's will leave first with a neutral ride to the first turn, make sure you have the current route downloaded on your GPS and follow the link  at (Make sure you have the 2015 version loaded). If you are using a phone as a GPS make sure you have enough battery power to last the whole ride, I would suggest bring a extra power source.

The 20 and 40 's will leave next; these two routes share the first 10 miles. The faster riders should work their way to the front during the neutral start section, there are few opportunities to pass on the single track, so call out before you pass and if you are holding up traffic stop and let riders pass you. If you encounter other users (walkers, Horses etc...) be courteous, you are representing  the whole cycling community. The 20 and 40 will be marked with paint and occasional signs, don't over think it too much, just follow the arrows.

SAGS:       the 20's at mile 11.
                   the 40's at mile 11 and 30.
                   the 60 at mile 21 and 40(gas station)
Plan your water and food accordingly.

While riding, don't forget to look up and enjoy the view. The feeling being in the middle of nowhere is rare these days. Hopefully you will get to see some wildlife, the deer will be curious and fearless, the pigs will run away if you make some noise (they can be aggressive so give them room), the alligators will eventually move if you give them some time, watch your feet when you stop we have a lot of fire ant nests and snakes. Keep your eyes open for a panther that was sighted in this area recently. DO NOT TOUCH THE PIG TRAPS.
Remember we can't go out and get you, so make sure you have the spare parts and knowledge to get you back safely to the start. YOUR ARE ON YOUR OWN!

ALSO.... Due to Facebook changing their policies, we had to make a new page. We are now under SCORR Riders. I know, timing is everything!