Sunday, December 18, 2016

Piggy's Revenge 60 mile First Loop Preview.

Headed for the Red Trail, you can see
our namesake pigs of mass destruction.
The 60 mile ride is two consecutive loops returning to the start, the first one is the one described here. The second loop was described previously. The dry conditions have created fast hard surfaces and smooth grassy sections that roll easily. The hard parts are the pig damaged areas and some bumpy grassy parts but overall the conditions are the best we have seen yet.

The 60 has no single track in it but if you feel the need we are introducing the DIRTY PIG OPTION. You ride the 40 mile loop followed by the second part of the 60, you'll ride farther and include all the single track. Only the brave need apply........are you strong enough for the challenge?
The Red Trail. Double-track, grassy and smooth.

Right after the start, you will ride the Red trail to the Power Line.
It's a grassy smooth trail that twists and turns for about 4 miles.
There is a well ridden line to follow on this one. Soon you are on the South Power line.

Passing through a pine hammock on the Red Trail.

After 3.5 miles on the Red Trail, the route meets up with the 20 and 40 mile routes and you pop back onto the South Power Line.  
You will be ahead of the other groups traffic.
You will pass the sag stop at this point not to return 
until mile 31 so plan ahead.
A right turn down Venice Arcadia Grade and some power riding in grass will take you to the Border Road extension after crossing a gate (bypass on right side).
South Power Line.
Some power pedaling on the V-A Grade is
rewarded by some sweet gravel on Border Road.

On Border Road you will cross 3 gates, all have a bypass or a gate on the left side .

Next is a grassy mile on Doe Hammock then back to the South Power Line.

The South Power Line...a welcome reprieve from the grass.  At the Doe Hammock/South Power Line junction, the 20's head back toward the start.  The 40's and 60's head east toward North Port and the Carlton RANCH.

The Big Slough Bridge on the South Power Line.  The 60 milers roll right on across it and head out to do a loop in the eastern section of the RANCH.  This loop is called the 50/60 loop because the numbered navigation posts are in that sequence.

The 50/60 section will be the hardest part of this loop with grass and a few bumpy sections from old pig damage. If you can see and follow the Piggy trails you will be rewarded with a smoother ride. The animal trails are usually hard and smooth, you just have to read the terrain and follow them as best you can or just power through the 3 miles.

Soon you're back on the South Power Line backtracking and rejoining the 40 mile route heading north on the 30/40 (posst are numbered in that sequence) section of double track with smooth grass. See the pictures on the 40 mile route.

Unless you are the first or the last, do not worry about this guy on the North Power Line, he is a shy guy.

                                                                                                      What is that shadow thinking?

After 5 miles on the North Power Line, you will take a left on the Venice Arcadia Grade which is a fast gravelly 5 mile section.
Hey! Whats that on the horizon? Why yes It's the sag stop: Tom's Oasis. After a quick stop, you will return to the start area down the Red Trail. 

Back on the Red Trail.  When you see these signs you are almost finished with your first loop.  Don't be distracted by the beer, the brats or the cheering crowds. 35 miles down but  you still have another loop to ride. You have get here by 2:00 PM (start time will be at 8:00 AM) or you will not be allowed to do the second loop. Congratulations you are ready to ride the second loop, look for a previous post for the lowdown on that section.
GPS file is here: