Sunday, December 25, 2016

All the routes for Piggy's 2017 are here

For those of you who like to study courses or ride them in advance, here are the links to this year's  loops.
The 20 miles route: 2017 Piggy 20 miles
The 40 miles route : 2017 Piggy 40 miles
The 60 miles route has two different loops:
 a 40 mile route : 2017 Piggy 60 miles part 1
followed by a 20 miles section: 2017 Piggy 60 miles part 2
Announcing a fourth option :
"THE DIRTY PIG" only brave need apply,
You ride the 40 with all the single track then part 2 of the 60. You'll do more miles and they will be harder with the addition of the single track sections.Lets us know at the start if you are planning on riding it.

 Are you up to the challenge?

Regardless, there is a cut off for the 60 mile riders, after 2 pm you will not be allowed to go back out and ride the second section. You will have been moving too slow and it's time to stop.
If you scroll down the blog there are detailed descriptions of each section.