Saturday, December 10, 2016

Piggy's Revenge 2017 40 mile route preview

Today's ride of choice.
Today we checked out the 40 mile loop, the first 15 miles and the last 4 miles are shared with the 20 mile riders. Check out the previous post for the lowdown on those sections. At mile 15 you take a right turn on the South power line and head East.
East on South Power Line at intersection of Doe Hammock.
The South Power line is running fast, hard with a few bumps here and there. You get to cross the bridge over Deer Prairie Slough, don't forget to look for Big Al the huge alligator that hangs out in the weeds.
South Power Line entrance to Carlton Ranch

The ride continues into the newly annexed Carlton Ranch tract, the Power Line does have a few sandy sections in this segment. Soon you get to experience the newly developed single track trail along Big Slough. You take a left  before the next bridge onto the Livelong Trail. SCORR finished building this trail just last week, you will ride the 2 miles along the banks of a scenic man made canal. The canal was created more than 70 years ago the trees on the banks are probably that old. This single track trail is the most technical riding of the whole loop, don't forget you can get off your bike and walk the tricky sections. The right line through it might take a few rides to figure out.
Livelong Trail
Livelong Trail

 After 2 miles of Livelong, you get to cross Big Slough and start your ride on the Prosper Trail. It's 2 more miles of twisty single track it's some of the more scenic riding in this state.
Prosper Trail
The return to the  Power Line. 

Crossing Big Slough between trails
As you leave Prosper, you work your way back up onto the South Power Line and take a right backtracking for a short section until you get to a connector going north.
This is some of that SCORR grass, fast riding double track taking you to the North Power Line.
 Another section of the grassy connector.
Grassy road between south and north Power Lines 

Recently mowed North Power Line Trail
After the grassy connector you will be heading west on the North Power Line, then a left going south down the Mile of Hell. It's not living up to it's name this year.  
Mile of  hell, not really this year.
Soon the trail turns into a fast gravelly double track the Venice Arcadia grade that takes you back to Tom's Oasis for a much deserved break. Now you only have 4 miles to go to return to the finish line. Freshly grilled bratwurst and beer waiting for you. You have just ridden 40 miles congratulations!
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Venice Arcadia Grade 

Almost at the Sag stop don't slow down.
Check out the GPS course by following this link:Piggy'sRevenge 2017 40 mile loop.