Monday, January 8, 2024

Time to get it done, Sign up now!

Piggy’s Revenge, 2024

We have been working on finalizing several items in preparation for Piggy’s Revenge, 2024. One of the more popular requests is the routes. These are still in process since there are a few adjustments in mind for this year, and we continue to assess the trails that offer the biggest bang for your buck. We continue to ride throughout the T. Mabry Carlton Reserve, searching for the perfect blend of scenic beauty, speedy trails, adventure, and challenge. Routes will be posted on our Facebook page and here as soon as they are finalized. Keep in mind this terrain is ever-changing, so we work a pretty tight timeline to ensure quality routes. We are also working with the county, vendors, sponsors, and volunteers. All of this is to have the best event yet. 

A top 5 list of important information. 

Number 1, this is the final week for you to get an event shirt in your swag bag. Get signed up soon, or you will wish you had when you see these sweet shirts. And speaking of getting signed up, we have about 75 spots that are still open. So there is yet another reason to get signed up soon
since there are NO event day sign-ups this year. None. 

Number 2 is contact and food information. Make sure you leave your contact information in the windshield of your car. These handy sheets will be part of the swag bag and help SCORR find anyone out on the trails late. If we find your car in the parking lot after we have cleaned up, we’d sure like to be able to call you. The park closes at sundown and your car will get locked in when the park closes if it is still there. Don’t be that person! Part 2 of this 2-for-1 info entry is that you will need a wristband to partake in the post-ride food and beverages. It will be in your swag bag, along with a few other goodies.

Number 3, and this one is a classic. “You are on your own, you are on your own, you are on your own!” We can’t say it enough, because it really is true. There is one SAG stop (The Oasis of Tom Foolery) and other than that, you are self-supported. The course will be marked with signs and painted arrows. You will be in the middle of a large wilderness area, we will not come and rescue you. You are on your own, be self-reliant. 

Number 4 is a simple reminder that the mass start is back again this year, much like last year. It will be a staggered start, with the longer events starting first at 8:00 am and the shorter events rolling out later in the morning. 

Finally, the last entry on our top 5 list.The best post-race festivities the woods will ever see. Brats, beers, side dishes, and a whole lot of fun. Make sure you are back in time to partake in all the fun this event offers. 

So get over to Bike Reg and get signed up to join us on January 28th at Piggy’s Revenge. Do that before this weekend to guarantee yourself one of those sweet Piggy’s T-shirts. 

Ride Dirty with SCORR!