Thursday, December 21, 2023

Trails are great, should be a fun year! Get signed up.

 I have started riding and evaluating the routes for this year's Piggy's Revenge. The single-track sections are showing their beauty this year, and the SCORR trail crews have worked hard to get them in shape. If you have time, go out and enjoy them. The more wheels on the ground the better they get. I also ventured off the well-beaten tracks, rediscovering the various sections of the 40 and 60 loops.. 
This year has been different due to the drought, we did not flood this summer, I'm not sure how this influenced the conditions of some of the double-track sections. Most are pretty nice and hard with surprisingly smooth sections. However, the pigs will have their revenge this year, due to a lot of pig activity seen in several areas. 
The park management of the property seems to be on a fire line kick and a lot of plowing has been done. This forces the rider to find a path along the edges of thick sand or over the pig ruts. As you all know, the 60-mile course is the most challenging not only because of the distance but because each consecutive 20-mile section gets progressively harder. The first 20 miles are smooth and fast, the second 20 section starts out and finishes smooth but there is a section in the middle that will put a dent in your average. The last 20-mile section starts out with 8 miles of difficult riding but does get easier in the second half. On top of that, at the 40-mile mark, you are at the start area with a cold beer in arm's reach. Some hard thinking will happen.....not all will continue on.
Sign up now, the clock is ticking 38 days till the start, and only 25 days left to get an awesome free T-shirt with your registration. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!
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