Thursday, January 2, 2014

Route Preview

If you are curious about what Piggy's routes are going to be.I have links to the 3 loops.Keep in mind that the single track is not mapped in detail so add another half a mile to the totals .There are bailouts at 13,28,48 and 51 miles. A rest stop to remember around mile 26.Everybody does the same first 15 miles.The 40's and 60's do the next 11 miles together then they each go their own way at the rest stop.The 40's and 60's do the single track twice.The more difficult sections are on the River trail (not mowed with a lot of tall grass) and parts of Doe Hammock (a small bumpy section at the beginning).The rest is in the best shape we have seem.The single track should flow well.
It breaks down on the 60 to approximately:25 miles of hard gravel roads,6 miles of twisty single track,6 miles of bumpy track,the rest is smooth grass and dirt tracks.The unpredictable is the amount of pig damage as they can really dig up the ground.


the 20 :
the 40:
the 60: 

PS: Remember only 1 week left to sign up. Challenge yourself.
PPS: In the map option box you can add distance markers.