Friday, December 27, 2019

Here are the routes for 2020

If you feel the need for a GPS file to keep you on course the links are here.
The course will be marked so you will be able to ride the courses without a GPS.
Sign up today, we close registration when we reach our limit.

The 20 mile loop will be mostly single track.
You will get to the Sag stop at mile 11.

The 40 mile loop will take you to new sections of the property with the potential for new single track in the near future. The route is as follows: singletrack, grassy double track, singletrack, gravelly double track, singletrack.
You will see the sag at mile 7 and 28 with a water stop available at mile 14 and 23.

The 60 is unchanged from previous years, again two loops: 40 and 20 miles long.
The first loop see's the sag at mile 7 and 35 as well as a water stop at 30. You will be at the start/finish area at 39 miles.
The second loop goes by the sag at mile 15.
Part 1:
Part 2:

or follow this link for GPX files
2020 piggy routes
You'll be 1/3 into
 the 40 here

You'll 1/2 into the 40 here.