Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's on !!! ,January 7th 2018 is the date.

Get your red pen out and put a big red X on January 7th 2018.
Piggy's Revenge is going to happen that morning at 800 am.
What will the weather do this year?
Will we be under water, half frozen or will the conditions be perfect?
You never know what January will be like.
New this year is a 7 new miles section of single track we are working on. If all goes right 5 more mile will be added to the existing trail network this fall .If you want to help with the new trails ,look for the posted trail building days on the FB page.
NO DAY OF REGISTRATION , but you can register online until 5:00 pm on Saturday night.
You must sign up before December 19th to get a T-Shirt after that same fee ($40) but no T-Shirt.
We are limiting the field at 300 riders this year.