Monday, December 9, 2013

Piggy's Reconnaissance Rides

Over the next few weeks, I am going to ride the trail system and put together the three Piggy loops. I have a pretty good idea where I want to go. Part of the process is evaluating the condition of the roads and trails.Yesterday I covered 20 miles of the proposed route and because we had a very wet summer this year, things are just starting to dry out. The wet conditions have delayed the mowing by the County, so I expect some areas won't get mowed by the time we ride so expect some wet areas. There is nothing quite as exciting as riding in chest high grass, 3 inches of water and knowing you are on the alligators home turf. I will try my best to avoid most of those areas as I don't expect them to dry out by January 12th. Another factor in the route planning is that the Forestry guys are having fun making potato fields.Most of the time,they leave us a small edge to ride on. In the end, we will have a big loop with various turns that will determine your final distance. So if you feel like the pigs have the upper hand during the ride you can peel off and shorten your distance. Eric

Here is a potato field and yes, there is a trail just to the right a little ways up the trail.
 A example of a fast straightaways that hasn't been mowed yet.
 Can you see the controlled burn to the left?