Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The routes are here !

Here are the links to the GPX files for the 3 loops. If you use a GPS you know what to do.
First the 20 mile loop:

The 40 mile loop:

and finally the 60 miler:

If you don't have a GPS and are curious about the routes you can view them on Garmin Connect at the following links:

the 20 :
the 40 :
the 60 :

In Garmin connect, you can switch to satellite view (upper left corner), zoom in and out with the + -, add the mile markers to figure out the direction of travel, click and drag to move it around.

The loops will be marked with spray paint at the turns. You will get a copy of the route on a map. You are responsible for yourself, so bring a compass, gps & extra maps if necessary. You are on your own.
Make sure your phone has enough battery for whole ride.You must have enough tools and parts to get out of trouble. Plan on enough water for at least 40 miles (you may be out there for 4-5 hours or more depending on your speed). There will be some water available around mile 36.
The 20 is a good introductory loop it's mostly hard packed trails, shell roads with a few challenging spots. The other two loops will be a mix of fast smooth shell roads, dirt double tracks, some grassy trails and naturally some pig damage. The hardest part will be between mile 17 and 36. I have avoided the really sandy or bumpy areas.Warning: the pigs do their own thing so they will get their revenge....
If you use a cross bike you will be very fast on the smooth areas but challenged on rough sections. If you ride a mountain bike you will feel slow in smooth sections (hard to push those big tires) but happier on the rough sections. Pick you weapon wisely.
Either way, you will experience Florida at it's best: riding in beautiful areas and mixing it up with the wildlife.
Remember you are on your own!

PS: Big Al says Hi