Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting close !! Trails to be marked!!

After some debate, I've decided that I will mark the whole loop (I know what I will be doing on Friday the 24th ). Riders will have a directional marker at the intersections, a set of paper directions and most likely a map. This magical combination should keep most of you on track, although there is always that direction challenged rider. Remember you are on your own and responsible for your own hide. I will not be out there looking for you. The trails are getting a little dry but rain is in the forecast and more rain = better trails. The pigs are as active as ever and you will get to meet some of them on the ride. I am thinking of making some homemade Piggy's Revenge sausage for the finishers. If you are thinking of participating, send me an e-mail so I can plan this better. Right now the head count is approaching 30. I am not counting all of you that mentioned to me personally that you were coming. A lot of wildlife, some very remote areas, meat in tube form and a bunch of like minded people. It's going to be GREAT fun and hard to beat.